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Painted with watercolor and love.

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Alexandra Ru is Berlin Based artist and urbansketcher.

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Super excited to draw @dunjavonk tomorrow at @zumstarkenaugust. We still have some places left, so you can still get a ticket.
Sketches from the lady burlesque lifedrawing session, @dunjavonk as a frog princess 🐸 👑
Today I went spontaneously to @zooberlin. Despite the grey weather it was fun to see all the animals and I even managed to sketch some of them. I personally find Rino portrait the best, but pandas are definitely the cutest to observe! 🦏🐼🦭
#barsketcher #animalsketch #berlin
Last evening in Moscow I went for barsketching with my dear friends @fairy_marie and @_turkina_ in @thehatmoscow. That was such a nice evening, hope to come back soon. The bar has 2 levels, so if you’re sitting upstairs you can see only the head of bartender below. They did they best trying to mix a cocktail from our wishes and there was a jam session as well. 
#barsketcher #urbansketchers #moscow
Barsketching in Moscow in beautiful @blackswanpubshop. Such a cool interior - it feels almost like a museum. The 2-sided bar counter was bought from the Irish pub Black swan that got closed and sold all their possession on the auction. All the other objects in the interior were collected from flea markets around Europe and none of them is younger than 100 years. Each room has its unique style in the cellar one is decorated as a gothic church, another is full of old clocks and stuffed animals. 
#barsketcher #urbsnsketchers #moscow
Have you already prepared all your Christmas presents 🎁 
If not, visit me this weekend on @naughtyxmasmarket at @alte_muenze from 14 till 22:00. This year I made a special sexy Santa postcards 🎅 And today’s weather was perfect to take some pictures of them!
Come by on Thursday to visit me at @sisyphosberlin art market and buy some art. I painted this piece in March 2021 in the middle of lockdown. It was based on a drawing I did on location in Strand dancefloore, but I wanted to fill it with dancing people. I can still feel all the good vibes and energy I put into this painting. It will be also available for purchase as a limited print edition I did in collaboration with Sisyphos.
And I still do have an original for sale.
So don’t muss your chance to get some cool art on Thursday!
#barsketcher #urbansketchers #sisyphos
Sketching at @3000grad party at @ritter_butzke. I really love the light and projections, everything looked as if I was in a magical world. This dancefloor was called The garden of the night and was decorated with plants and disco balls hanging from the ceiling. An Aliens alike creature was looking on the people dancing below. So nice to have a glimpse of the festival even in the winter. 
Unfortunately there was not much to see in the club light of my sketchbook, so I used a flashlight of my phone and a reduced color pallet.
#barsketcher #3000grad #beelin
On Thursday November 25th, I will be selling my art at Sisyphos art market. You can also buy print of this piece Entenkuss, that I made in collaboration with @sisyphosberlin and support thee club.
It seems, dark times are coming again, so don’t muss a chance to go to the magical Sisyphos once again and buy some art! This will be 2G event.
For me painting at Sisyphos was a highlight of the first lockdown, and it was interesting to see how the club came back to live after it, first as a beer garden and than as an openair location. I find this sketches especially precious, since you’re not allowed to take any pictures insight.
#berlin #barsketcher #sisyphos