About Alexandra Ru

Alexandra Ru is Berlin-based artist, known as barsketcher, since she draws in the bars and clubs a lot.

Hi there

My name is Alexandra and I’m a sketchbook artist. I always have my sketchbook with me, in case I want to draw something. I live in Berlin and I usually draw on location, trying to tell little stories about places, I’ve sketched.

I draw a lot in the bars and clubs, so my instagram name is barsketcher. I try to go away from academical drawing approach and bring sketching into the daily routine. I also love to sketch in the places, where taking pictures is forbidden, that makes my drawings a single visual memories of this time.

My other passion is lifedrawings, I do organize burlesque lifedrawing sessions. I like to capture the burlesque performers especcially, check out upcoming Sketcherei's sessions!

I'm also open for commissions and collaborations. I do not paint everything, but if you have an idea, I would be happy to discuss it and do the best out of it!

I truly enjoy painting, so if you want to buy some of my art and support me, please drop me a message!

Travel sketching

When I’m traveling, I try to explore every city I visit through sketching on location. Of course, it takes longer time to draw something, than to take a picture of it. From the other hand, I observe things longer and from the different perspective. Sketching also helps me to find contact with the city residents. I always check up, if the local Urban Sketchers group has a meeting during the time I visit, and join them.

Sheeps are back to Schlosspark Charlottenburg! Couldn’t miss a chance to draw them 🐑✏️🐏
#sheepsketcher #urbansketchers #charlottenburg
Last sketch from the Netherlands, in the beautiful national park @nationaalparkzuidkennemerland. Saw no cows this time / only 2 deers and a rabbit. Still beautiful landscapes with sand dunes. Will definitely come back to sketch the highlands ❤️🐮

#barsketcher #urbsnsketchers #landscapepainting
I want to take a piece of Amsterdam with me ❤️ #amsterdam #urbansketchers #travelsketch
Walking around Amsterdam, and watching all this cute houses and canals, bridges and boats brings back many memories of urbansketching symposium 2019, that was held in Amsterdam. That was the last international symposium - Hong Kong 2020 was cancelled because of protests and than dark Corona times came.
I‘m not such a devoted urbansketcher as I was 3 years ago, but still keep a habit of having my sketchbook with me, especially when I’m traveling.
Since I don’t sketch on a daily basis, but these memories in the sketchbook become more and more precious. It was nice to sit on the bench next to the canal, paint and reflect on how the world have changed in the last years.

#urbansketchers #amsterdam #uskamsterdam2019
Had a pleasure hosting an amazing burlesque lifedrawing session with 2 beautiful humans - @jazzyjas.cabaret and @_catlicious.1 in @tipsy_bear_berlin. Thank you for bringing such a great vibes and amazing show ❤️
Can’t wait for the session next Monday- check @sketcherei for more details!
I am super excited hosting burlesque lifedrawing on Monday 23rd May with 2 beautiful models - @_catlicious.1 and @jazzyjas.cabaret in @tipsy_bear_berlin.
This time poses will be a bit longer 😉
Here are the drawings I made of @_catlicious.1 and @jazzyjas.cabaret during previous sessions in @zumstarkenaugust, and the exhibition Show must go on is still to see there.
And I added prints on my website to buy some art prints or lifedrawing tickets!
My sketch from the 1st May rave organized by @slust.openair. So nice to see the project growled so much in 1 year! Amazing lineup with @dr_motte, @akaakaofficial, @freulein_p_music, @carmel_zoum, @sylent_official_. 
That was a proper 1st May, amazing job team @slust.openair looking forward to the next party!
#berlin #mayday #rave
On Friday, May 6th we invite you to Burlesque lifedrawing exhibition “Show must go on - Life is a circus” in our favorite bar @zumstarkenaugust. Alexandra Ru @barsketcher and Christian Badel @krishanpankow will exhibit the drawings of burlesque performers they did live during performances on the stage of Zum Starken August.
The prints (limited edition) and even originals will be for sale and 30% of the sales will go to Zum Starken August.
We’ll also have a vendor’s tray - where you can get a little sweet memory of the evening- postcard, beer May or match box with performers portrait.
The opening begins at 19:00 and will be accompanied by walking acts of amazing performers @lotti_lieblich and @dunjavonk.
The exhibition will be a part of @artspringberlin.
On the entrance you have to pay a small donation of 3€ to support performers, who’ll be entertaining you this evening.
If you want to stay all evening long - please reserve a table directly at Zum Starken August.
All sketchers, who’ll come to sketch performers will get a free shot - just show your sketchbook at the bar.
Today I saw wild boars babies for the first time in my life! I couldn’t miss a chance to sketch them, of course. Very nice forest in Spandau, the deers and wild boars do live there in very spacious reserves 🦌🐗
#barsketcher #animalsketch #berlin
Join me tomorrow at @sketcherei session at @studio8bar to draw gorgeous @lolitavavoom!
The drawings are from the last November. It’s hard to me to draw recently - too much bad thoughts in my head, that don’t want to go since the beginning of the war.
Organizing @sketcherei lifedrawings became almost my well-being activity, it keeps me busy besides work and volunteering.
I also want bring some moments of good mood and distract a bit.
So if you don’t have plans tomorrow, come by to sketch, drink and talk 💃❤️
Coming the second Sunday in row to Mauerpark- this place gives me energy and power. Do happy to see so many people enjoying the sun and street musicians! Wish every Sunday to be so shiny and bright!
The girl in the red coat, who was sitting on the stone and enjoying the drum player, left shortly before I finished the sketch, not sure if she spotted me sketching her. Since I was sketching in sunglasses 😎 
#berlin #mauerpark #urbansketchers
Sketching the goats with acrylic markers. It’s so hard to get their facial expressions, since they are moving most of the time 🐐
#berlin #ziegenhof #charlottenburg