Session rules

  1. The ticket to the sessions are Non-refundable. If you can't join the session and already bought the ticket, drop me an email (, you'll have an opportunity to attend another session for free instead.

  2. The sessions do take place in the bar, please support them by buying drinks. It will also loosen up your drawings!

  3. If you buy a reduced ticket - student ticket or proof of unemployment to show on the doors.

  4. If the model don't mind, you are allowed to take pictures and videos. Please tag @sketcherei and the model if you share photos on social media.

  5. During the session I take photos and videos of the session, to share them on social media later. If you don't want to be on the pictures, please let me know before the session.

  6. After the session please share your drawings on social media and tag @sketcherei and the model.

  7. Bring you own drawing supplies! Basic materials can be provided for the small donation, please drop me a message before.

  8. Don't be late! If you can't come on time, drop me a message, so we can save you the seat.

  9. Respect the model, the organisers and other sketchers. If you feel any Corona symptoms, please stay at home.

  10. Please let us know if you are coming together with friends - so we can place you on one table. Come in advance to take the best spot or have some drinks.

Any questions left?